What is a Wall Xpression?

Wall Xpressions are an extremely unique, innovative home decoration option utilizing words, typography, and other design elements to create visual and graphical art. As a great alternative or addition to pictures, murals, paintings and wallpaper, Wall Xpression word art allows you to “xpress” yourself via your walls.

How are Wall Xpressions made?

Wall Xpressions are first designed by one of our highly-trained and experienced design artists with state of the art software. Once the digital file is created, it’s sent to be printed. After printing, someone cuts out, by hand, the pieces of your Wall Xpression to give it an extremely clean-cut, professional look with the homegrown quality you’ve come to expect from the Wall Xpressions line of wall quote stickers. Finally, it’s packaged and prepared for shipment.

What material is used to make Wall Xpressions?

Wall Xpressions are made with a high-quality, matte vinyl. Once applied to a wall or glass, it takes on the appearance of a fine hand-painting.

Why would I want a Wall Xpression?

Wall Xpressions can be utilized to personalize a space, add information or decorate. They’re easy to apply, easy to remove, 100% customizable and a ton of fun! Useful not only for decorating your home, they’re also great within the workplace or office.

Where can you put a Wall Xpression?

Wall Xpressions can be applied to almost any commonly utilized building surface, including walls, glass, fine and medium grain wall paper, painted concrete block, tile and plastic. Brand new paint needs to cure for at least 10 days before a Wall Xpression is applied, and you should clean the surface to ensure its free of all dust, dirt and grime before applying a Wall Xpression.

How are Wall Xpressions applied?

Application of a Wall Xpression is super straight-forward and instructions are included with each and every one. Essentially, you’ll tape your Wall Xpression into place, lightly mist the back of it with water and then use a credit card to seal the Wall Xpression to the surface. After a few minutes, you’ll peel off the backing and enjoy your new artwork.

Will a Wall Xpression harm my paint job?

Absolutely not!  Wall Xpressions are not only perfectly harmless to your paint job, but also to children, pets and the general environment.

How do I clean a Wall Xpression?

Clean your Wall Xpression with a damp rag.

How do I remove a Wall Xpression?

Apply heat, such as from a hair dryer, and your Wall Xpression will peel right off.

Can I create a custom Wall Xpression?

Absolutely! You can design everything from the font used to the size to the saying or other design elements to the color.

Is your shop secure, and is my personal info safe?

Our shop is secure, and all financial information as well as your personal information is safe with us. We will never sell, rent or distribute your information to anyone for any reason.

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